Complementary services

Complementary therapy services for patients undergoing cancer treatment at the LOC (Leaders in Oncology Care).

Holistic care

We use complementary therapies such as reiki, massage, aromatherapy and reflexology to work alongside your existing medical treatment and care for you as a whole. These therapies can help you relax. And they can enhance your sense of wellbeing and recovery when you need it most.

Our complementary therapies


Massage uses essential oils combined with touch and rhythmic strokes to help you relax, destress and to relieve any tension, aches and pains.


Our therapists offer pure plant-extracted 'essential oils' you can inhale or mix with base oil and apply to your skin to help calm and invigorate.


Foot massage and gentle pressure with the thumb or fingers on specific pressure/ reflex points in your feet (or hands) can help relax your body.


This non-contact therapy is based on the idea that the practitioner transfers energy to you to help you relax and feel overall calm and wellbeing.