Physiotherapy after gynaecological surgery


Exercises to help you get back to normal after a gynaecological surgical procedure

About physio after gynaecological surgery

Even though gynaecological surgery affects you internally rather than externally, physiotherapy can help speed up your recovery and reduce the chance of long-term side effects. Depending on the type of surgery you've had, you'll be assessed by one of our physiotherapists. If they think you could benefit from physio, they'll create a treatment plan for you. This will usually involve a series of simple exercises that focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and stomach muscles, and restoring mobility to that area.

Your physiotherapist will explain each exercise in detail and tell you when and how often to do them. To give yourself the best chance of a full recovery, try to do the exercises as instructed. Let your consultant or physiotherapist know if you experience any pain or if the exercises don't feel right. Your physiotherapist might want to carry on seeing you as outpatient.

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Our physiotherapists

At each of our hospitals we offer inpatient physiotherapy assessments, after your surgery has taken place. This will help you during your recovery after you have left the hospital.

We also provide physiotherapy on an outpatient basis so if you are experiencing difficulties after surgery we can help you build strength and control in your pelvic muscles.