The Erigo technology can be part of a personalised rehabilitation program

About Erigo rehabilitation technology

  • The Erigo® is a tilt table combined with a stepping device that allows you to start your rehabilitation earlier. Its stepping motion helps maintain blood pressure, enabling you to train for longer and prevent some of the effects of prolonged bed rest.

    The Erigo® is used by the therapy team in the Acute Neurological Rehabilitation Unit. It is predominantly used for:Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury

Need to know

Erigo® rehabilitation is usually carried out by physiotherapists. They begin by asking you to lie down on the Erigo® tilt table. After strapping you in, your physio will then move to a computer panel, from which they can control the tilt table. Depending on your treatment plan, your therapist will use the panel to gradually raise the table and move your legs. It can also be used to provide you with sensory motor stimulation.

The Erigo® aims to:

  • increase cardiovascular stability allowing you to be placed in an upright position earlier
  • promote muscle strengthening and standing tolerance
  • prevent complications due to prolonged bed rest or immobility such as contractures, deconditioning and muscle stiffness
  • improve patient alertness.
Erigo® doesn't involve special preparation, however, you'll most likely be asked to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.
Your consultant or physiotherapist will review the findings of your session and discuss what happens next in your programme.