Functional electrical stimulation (FES)


If you've had a stroke or other neurological injury, our therapists can use a range of functional electrical stimulation devices to aid your rehabilitation

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About FES

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a technological rehabilitation method. It can be particularly helpful for people who have experienced a stroke, spine or brain injury.

Your HCA UK therapist will have access to a range of devices to maximise your recovery. The may use the following devices:

  • a 12-channel FES bike to stimulate leg and arm muscles for cycling
  • foot-drop stimulator
  • Bioness H200
  • Neurotrac and microstimulators

Need to know

Your therapist will carry out a thorough assessment to work out which device will be most helpful for you. Each device uses sticky pads, called electrodes, that are placed onto your muscles. An electrical current passes through to your nerves, causing the muscles to contract.

This stimulates movement in your limbs and allows you to exercise (for example. your leg or arm cycling on the bike), or practice functional tasks or walk.

Your therapist will explain how the device works and answer any questions you may have. If you are using the leg bike or a foot drop stimulator, please wear shorts to enable correct electrode placement.

After your session your therapist will talk through your progress with you, and discuss your ongoing rehab plan.

Sophie's story

Sophie Shane - Patient from the Acute Rehabilitation Centre

Sophie had a rare spinal cord stroke and was cared for by our team for more than six months.

Finding The Wellington was such a relief. They surround you with experts and create a personalised programme of care. It's the people that make a place and The Wellington has some amazing people.

Our neurologists

Functional electrical stimulation treatment can be prescribed as part of a rehabilitation programme, or as an outpatient treatment.

As part of a multidisciplinary team meeting your consultant will discuss with your therapists which devices may maximise your recovery and they will work with and your family support network to build a programme around your needs.

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Patient stories

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