Paediatric genetic testing

Tests for hereditary conditions in children

Tests for hereditary conditions in children. At The Portland Hospital, our consultant geneticists carry out comprehensive genetic testing for your child.

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About genetic testing for children

Paediatric genetic testing can be used to diagnose a hereditary condition in a child, to determine their chances of developing a hereditary condition, or to find out if they're a carrier of a genetic mutation. If you already have a child with a genetic disorder, or you or your child's other parent has or is a carrier of a genetic condition, you can have your child tested.

The Portland Hospital has partnered with the International Gene Clinic® to offer the most comprehensive private genetics testing for children in the UK. They take a blood or tissue sample from your child and send it to HCA UK Laboratories for analysis. HCA UK Labs operate within a network of international labs so they have access to the latest scientific and technological advances.

Once we have the results, our consultant clinical geneticists help you and your child to decide on the best course of action.

Our consultants specialising in genetics for children

Our paediatric consultants are leaders in their fields, specialising in dysmorphology and developmental disorders as well as hypertensionkidney diseases, tuberous sclerosis thrombophillia (economy class syndrome), and cancer family histories, as well complex conditions.

Paediatric genetic testing Consultants

Dr. Muriel HOLDER

Dr. Muriel HOLDER

Clinical Genetics

Our Paediatric genetic testing locations

The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital

205-209 Great Portland Street W1W 5AH London

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