Trauma and rehabilitation

If you've suffered a major orthopaedic trauma, typically from a road traffic accident, we can help with personalised rehabilitation programmes, designed by experts and built around your specific needs.

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Your guide to trauma and rehabilitation treatment

For those who’ve suffered major orthopaedic trauma, such as injury from a road traffic accident, taking part in extreme sport or a severe fall, you may require more than surgery. You may need the specialist care an orthopaedic trauma rehabilitation service offers.

The patient’s rehabilitation journey begins after they are stable post-surgery, at which point our specialist team will focus on restoring functional ability, strength, and overall health with fully personalised treatment plans.

Using a multidisciplinary team approach, our team ensures every patient has access to specialist care from a team of leading trauma surgeons and rehabilitation doctors, plastic surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologists, prosthetists, orthotists, and nutritionists.

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Meet our trauma and rehabilitation experts

Our main orthopaedic trauma rehabilitation unit is at our London Bridge Hospital on the south bank of the River Thames. The team there understands the art of rehabilitation and how best to support each patient’s journey from injury to recovery and beyond, including comprehensive aftercare plans.

It starts with discussing goals and expectations with the patient. During the programme and after patient’s discharge, the team stay focused on the patient’s achievements and measure all the clinical outcomes.

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Common trauma conditions

Across our two units in London, we offer rehabilitation programmes to patients who have suffered orthopaedic injuries, including:

  • Complex fractures involving one or more limbs
  • Complex fracture involving the pelvis
  • Major fractures of the spine without spinal cord injury
  • Major single or multiple limb amputations of any cause

Rehabilitation treatment centre

Our team at London Bridge Hospital treat patients from across the UK and around the world. This includes medevac transfers, with patients who have been repatriated following accidents - typically on the ski slopes or from countries where the level of care we offer isn’t available.

In 2023, CQC rated the facilities at London Bridge Hospital as ‘Outstanding’, reflecting the level of care and quality our comprehensive rehabilitation programme brings to our patients.

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What happens after discharge?

In many trauma cases where patients have gone through an inpatient rehabilitation programme, they will need ongoing rehabilitation as an outpatient, seeing one or a combination of therapy services, in particular physiotherapy.

The orthopaedic trauma and rehabilitation team specialise in post- discharge care, providing access to the latest technology, such as muscle stimulators and anti-gravity treadmills to maintain and further improve mobility and recovery.


Paying for your rehabilitation treatment

We see patients who are self-funding their treatment as well as those with medical insurance policies.  We work with all the major private insurers, for example Bupa, AXA and many more. If you are paying for your own rehabilitation treatment, we offer a guide to the payment options available.

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