Sport and exercise medicine

Our sports and exercise medicine consultants or musculoskeletal experts treat everyone from high performance athletes to people with an injury, from recreational sport or exercise activity.
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Your guide to sports and exercise medicine conditions and treatment

Whether you’re looking to achieve your personal training goals, optimise your performance, prevent injuries, or recover from one that’s frustratingly slow to heal, we have the specialists to support you.  At our state-of-the-art units in London and Cheshire, we offer pioneering treatment based on the latest research in the field of sports medicine.

In partnership with leading organisations including the British Olympic Association, we’ve developed an industry-leading specialist sports medicine centre, giving our patients access to a standard of care previously only available to elite athletes.

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Meet our sports and exercise medicine experts

Working closely with our world-leading orthopaedic experts, including specialist orthopaedic surgeons, musculoskeletal rheumatologists and radiologists, our sports and exercise medicine consultants are dedicated to helping everyone from arthritis sufferers to high-performance athletes. As well as treating a wide range of injuries and conditions, we offer a truly holistic approach to care, with sports nutritionists, podiatrists, and physiotherapists.  Whether you've picked up a running injury and you want to accelerate recovery or you want to reach peak performance, you’ll receive the very best treatment with us.

Common sports or exercise injuries and conditions

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A mild traumatic brain injury which occurs after sustaining an injury to the head through impact.  It may or may not be accompanied by a loss of consciousness.

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A common consequence of playing sport or overexertion during training.  This type of soft-tissue injury can result in pain, swelling and tightness.

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A fractured or broken bone is normally the result of a high force  impact, or another bone weakening condition, such as osteoporosis or bone cancer.

Common sports or exercise treatments

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Sports nutrition

Particularly useful for patients with diabetes, weight-related health complaints or heart conditions, this is a detailed guide to improving your lifestyle to boost performance or simply get the best from your day-to-day life.

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Shockwave therapy

This treatment is to irritate the tissue in the pain area and used to stimulate tissue in order to promote healing It can be particularly helpful for treating foot and ankle symptoms such as heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

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Injection therapies

Steroid injections can help many patients by reducing pain and inflammation in the affected tissue, while PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections use the patient’s own blood cells to promote healing.

Consultant advice

Some of our leading sports and exercise medicine consultants take a look at some key aspects of preventing sports injuries and managing your health if you have sustained an injury.
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Paying for your own treatment

We see patients who are self-funding their treatment as well as those with medical insurance policies. We work with all the major private insurers, for example Bupa, AXA and many more. If you’re paying for your own treatment and are considering sports and exercise medicine, we offer a guide to the payment options available.

How to book an appointment

Booking your appointment

To book your HCA UK appointment for with one of our sports and exercise medicine experts, you can call or book online using our consultant finder. Remember to have your referral letter to hand. If you have private medical insurance, you’ll also need your membership number and authorisation code.  We’ll confirm your appointment for you on the phone or online.  If you have any special requests, we will get back to you either by phone or email within 24 hours.