Peripheral nerve

Our dedicated peripheral nerve specialists work closely with other orthopaedic consultants to provide complete treatment options for complex nerve injury cases.

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Your guide to peripheral nerve treatment

There are a number of peripheral nerves  which sit outside of the spinal cord and brain and connect them with the rest of the body.  When one or more of these nerves becomes damaged, through injury or trauma, you can lose sensation or function, or both.

Symptoms of peripheral nerve injury can vary, and typically include pain, a burning sensation, pins and needles, tingling or total loss of sensation. We can offer you a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments at one of our two dedicated peripheral nerve injury units. These are located at The Wellington Hospital (for adults) and The Portland Hospital (for children), both in London.

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Meet our peripheral nerve expert

Both of our London peripheral nerve units are led by consultant Mr Marco Sinisi, who offers patients the very latest treatments.  He has dedicated his life to understanding the management of peripheral nerve injury and works closely with our leading orthopaedic specialists to ensure patients have access to wide-ranging expertise no matter how complex their condition. Consultants travel internationally to benefit from his ground-breaking research and surgical techniques. 

Whether your nerve symptoms have been caused by injury, surgical complications, or conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, we understand damage to the peripheral nerves can lead to debilitating chronic pain that can be very difficult to diagnose. We’ll help with life-changing procedures, including nerve transplant surgery for those who have suffered traumatic injuries to the brachial plexus or other types of paralysis.

Common peripheral nerve injuries

Peripheral nerve tumours

From complex nerve surgery to diagnostic tests and procedures, we provide exceptional peripheral nerve care across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics.

Peripheral neuropathy

From complex nerve surgery to diagnostic tests and procedures, we provide exceptional nerve care across our network of hospitals, outpatient centres and specialist clinics.

Brachial plexus injury

A  network of nerves that are intertwined and control movement and sensation in the arms and hands.

Common peripheral nerve injury treatments

Resection of nerve tumours


Our leading nerve surgeon carries out this complex procedure at our Peripheral Nerve Unit

Private Carpal Tunnel Surgery


A surgical operation to relieve pain, numbness and tingling in your arm, hand and fingers caused by carpal tunnel syndrome

Repair of brachial plexus injury


Carrying out advanced surgical treatment for brachial plexus injuries

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Consultant advice

 “I’ve seen nerves as flat as a sheet of paper in surgery,” says Mr Sinisi.

With complex trauma, there will be soft tissue damage and boney fractures along with nerve damage.

Mr Marco Sinisi, peripheral nerve injury consultant, specialising in reconstructive work after paralysis talks about rewiring mind and body after a complex injury.


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Paying for your own treatment

We see patients who are self-funding their treatment as well as those with medical insurance policies. We work with all the major private insurers, for example Bupa, AXA and many more. If you are paying for your own treatment and are considering peripheral nerve injury treatment, we offer a guide to the payment options available.
How to book an appointment

Book your appointment

To book your HCA UK appointment for with one of our peripheral nerve experts, you can call or book online using our consultant finder. Remember to have your referral letter to hand. If you have private medical insurance, you’ll also need your membership number and authorisation code.  We’ll confirm your appointment for you on the phone or online. If you have any special requests, we’ll get back to you by phone or email within 24 hours.