Support for a cancer diagnosis

Each person’s experience of cancer is different and for many patients adjusting to life during and after treatment may not be simple, so it's important that each patient gets the support they need at the time that's right for them.

We believe in person-centred care, our priority is to offer you the very best treatment plan designed specifically for your individual diagnosis, whilst also supporting you and your loved ones with the challenges of living with and after cancer treatment.

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Experienced teams to help guide you

At HCA Healthcare UK, we have a team of cancer experts who can provide support that is right for you, including help with body image, physical therapy or emotional support. They’ll work with you to put a plan in place that suits your individual needs. There is lots of help and support available to help you manage any short-term or longer-term effects of treatment.

This may be one-to-one support or you may benefit from connecting with people in a similar situation to you. Sometimes connecting with others who have had a similar experience can really help you process your own emotions and provides a safe space to share some of your own thoughts and fears. Taking care of your own wellbeing will mean you are in a better position to support your family or friend with their wellbeing too.

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