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    Borough Wing, Lower Ground Floor
    Guy's Hospital, Great Maze Pond
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    Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm


    Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm

    Truebeam Radiotherapy
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    Using advanced radiotherapy to maximise treatment effectiveness

    At the London Radiotherapy Centre, we are incredibly proud to work in close partnership with some of the UK’s leading NHS teaching hospitals. This ensures we have the facilities to provide patients with world-class, consultant-led care and access to a wide range of supporting clinicians and services, including private inpatient facilities, in a convenient central London location.

    Our dedicated approach to treatment, combined with our continued investment in the most advanced medical technology and pioneering treatments available, means some of the UK’s most respected consultants choose to treat their patients with us.

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    Key benefits of the London Radiotherapy Centre

    • Pioneering treatment techniques using the TrueBeam
    • Consultant led treatment plans
    • Dedicated team of radiographers, available throughout treatment
    • On-site treatment planning facilities led by expert physicists and dosimetrists
    • Onsite CT imaging to ensure our patients are scanned regularly throughout treatment, to provide the most accurate treatment techniques
    • Counselling services and emotional support for patients and their families
    • Helpful administrative teams with experience
    • Direct access to inpatient and outpatient services through our sister site, London Bridge Hospital, including chemotherapy daycare

    Frequently asked questions

    Your radiotherapy treatment

    Before you undergo radiotherapy treatment, your clinical oncologist and radiotherapy team will discuss the treatment options available to you. This includes any potential side effects and you can also ask any questions you may have.

    Once you have made an informed choice about your treatment, you will have a CT scan where with the help of a highly specialised radiotherapy CT scanner, a leading radiographer will assess the exact position of your tumour, and therefore where the radiation treatment will later be targeted towards.

    Dependent on the type of treatment you are having, there will usually be a period of 5-10 working days before your treatment commences. This is to allow for your treatment to be planned appropriately.

    It is quite normal to feel anxious on your first day of treatment. The radiotherapy team fully understands this and will assist you in many ways, answering any questions you have and helping you to become more relaxed as your treatment progresses.

    The treatment session lasts for about 15 minutes each day. Although the radiographers cannot be in the room with you during your treatment, they can see you at all times via CCTV cameras and can communicate with you through an intercom system.

    The radiographers will provide more detailed information about the treatment process when you come in for your planning appointment, and a member of our staff will familiarise you with the layout of the London Radiotherapy Centre.

    The nature of having radiotherapy treatment can be a difficult time for patients and their families. Be assured, alongside delivering highly advanced treatment, within our multidisciplinary teams we have a number of counsellors and psychologists available to consistently provide patients with the emotional support you require throughout the treatment process.

    Follow-up appointments

    As well as seeing you during your treatment, your clinical oncologist will arrange a follow-up appointment to see you around 6-8 weeks after your treatment has finished.

    Side effects and physical health

    Radiotherapy has a cumulative effect, with side effects beginning to peak 7-10 days after your treatment has finished, and gradually improving within four weeks of finishing treatment. This is however dependent on each individual's general health.

    It's important that you continue with your prescribed care routine until the side effects have subsided. 

    Caring for your skin

    Any skin effects may continue and get slightly worse after your treatment has finished. As a result you should continue to follow the skin care advice from our specialist team until your skin returns to normal.

    Be aware, your skin in the treated area will be very sensitive to the sun. It will need protecting from the sun and cold winds for at least 12 months after you have finished your treatment.

    Other side effects

    Similarly to skin effects, continue with your prescribed care routine for other radiotherapy side effects until they have subsided. Some patients may need longer to recover from fatigue than others, so remember to rest when you feel tired. Try to maintain your normal food and drink intake, do some gentle exercise and aim to get back to normal routines again.

    You will have follow up appointments and scans with your clinical oncologist following treatment; however it may be some time before you know the full benefits of your course of treatment. Your clinical oncologist will have explained this prior to your treatment course.

    Emotional effects and further support

    People respond to intense situations in different ways. You may feel anxious once the treatment has finished, as you are no longer in contact with medical staff on a daily basis. This is normal and support is available if you have any concerns. Please contact your clinical oncologist or The London Radiotherapy Centre team for advice.


    Our radiotherapy teams

    Our multidisciplinary team of radiographers, physicists, dosimetrists, and clinical staff work closely with your consultant to ensure you receive the highest quality of care during your treatment. They are supported by our expert clinical oncologists who specialise in radiotherapy treatment for a range of different cancers and tumours.

    We encourage all patients and their relatives to be involved with your treatment at every point. Your medical team will discuss and plan any treatments with you, telling you what preparations need to be made beforehand. Please feel free to discuss your care with them and ask any questions you may have.

    To support you and your family, we also offer direct access to our team of counsellors and psychologists, who are highly experienced in supporting the emotional and psychological aspects of your care.


    International patients

    At the London Radiotherapy Centre, we understand that travelling abroad for medical treatment can be an anxious time for our international patients. This is why our committed international patient liaison team is on hand to guide patients, their families and, where appropriate, their sponsoring embassy or health office through the treatment process.

    We have interpreting and administration teams on hand to liaise with embassies and health offices, ensuring they are kept up to date with patients’ treatment plans and progress. We also have support services available to international patients, including counselling and nutritional support.


    TrueBeam technology

    The TrueBeam™ is the most accurate linear accelerator machine available, delivering incredibly targeted radiotherapy treatment to patients with tumours, many of which were in previously hard to reach areas.

    The pinpoint precision of the TrueBeam™ means it can target tumours with high dose radiation beams in minutes, ensuring patients receive the most effective radiotherapy treatment in minimal time, whilst also preserving the remaining healthy tissue around the tumour.



    At London Radiotherapy Centre, we operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for Radiotherapy Services which include the use of CT scanners, Linear Accelerators (Linacs)