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The Neuroendocrine Tumours Unit

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What is a neuroendocrine tumour

Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) develop from the cells able to make hormones and can be located anywhere in the body. NETs develop when the cells begin to grow abnormally, with common sites including the stomach, lungs, pancreas and intestine. As with all cancers, NETs grow when specialised cells change and begin to divide uncontrollably, creating abnormal masses or tumours. NETs are often slow growing, although a minority can grow aggressively. They may frequently grow without symptoms, thus diagnosis can be late with patients presenting with advanced disease. Although NETs make up around two per cent of all malignant gastroenteropancreatic system tumours, their more indolent biology means that the prevalence rate (i.e. those living with the condition) makes them more common than gastric cancer and myeloma.

Accessible appointments

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Neuroendocrine tumours

Our Wellington NET Unit is led by a multidisciplinary team with world-beating expertise in diagnosing and treating Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs).

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The Net Unit multidisciplinary team

During your diagnosis and treatment your specialists will work together as a multidisciplinary team to help manage your condition. This team consists of:

  • GI surgeons
  • Cardiologists
  • Hepatobiliary/pancreatic surgeons
  • Cardiothoracic surgeons
  • Oncologists
  • Radiologists
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Nuclear medicine physicians
  • Endocrinologists
  • Pathologists
  • Thoracic physicians
  • Specialist nursing teams
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Meet the team

Professor Martyn Caplin

Professor of Gastroenterology and Tumour Neuroendocrinology

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Patient stories

Xochi’s cancer treatment

Xochi shares her story after treatment for a rare cancer

Frequently asked questions

The Neuroendocrine Tumours Unit FAQs

Yes, we have free onsite parking for our customers.
The last time for appointments at The Neuroendocrine Tumours Unit is XX. Appointments will need to be booked in advance.
No, as part of HCA UK we offer an Urgent Care service at The Lister Hospital. Alternatively the closest Emergency department is Charing Cross Hospital.
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How we work with doctors

Meet our team

Our medical centre is supported by the expertise of leading consultants and multidisciplinary teams. Our teams are able to identify and diagnose complex conditions quickly and with accuracy.

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