A neonatal intensive care unit for premature and ill babies

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Why choose us?

At The Portland Hospital, we have an on-site neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for premature and ill babies. With the advanced technology and our specialist team of consultant neonatologists and neonatal nurses we can monitor and care for babies born from 28 weeks onwards, who need a higher level of care.

Most babies admitted to the unit are premature (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy), have low birth weight or have a medical condition which requires intensive care. As your baby grows and requires less invasive medical support, they are moved to our special care baby unit (SCBU). As a small and friendly team, the same neonatal nurses care for your baby from admission to NICU to discharge from SCBU.

This allows you to get to know and trust the people looking after your baby. We can also arrange for babies born within the NHS requiring neonatal services to be transferred to our care.

Our specialties

At the neonatal intensive care unit our team provides specialist care for our tiniest patients.

If your child is born premature or is unwell at the beginning of their life, we can provide them with the best possible care, whether they require routine treatments or a complex procedure.

The Portland Hospital is renowned internationally for its paediatric and neonatal care, with a 93-bed unit that includes three cots in both our neonatal intensive care unit and our special care baby unit. It is equipped with the latest technology to monitor and care for both Portland-delivered babies, and babies with complex medical or post-surgical problems.

Our consultants comprise a team renowned for some of the world's most groundbreaking neonatal medicine. This includes the invention and development of many life-support systems for babies, and the treatment of brain injury in preterm and term newborn infants.

Our neonatal consultants

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Our team can help if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. Our reception team are also on-hand if you'd like to make an appointment whilst your at the centre. 
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Adolescent services

Medical care for children of all ages

We offer young people access to holistic care from an experienced multidisciplinary team.

The comprehensive care for adolescents within our medical centre is based on respect within a safe environment, and is personalised for any condition.

Our range of services include dermatology, gynaecology, sports and exercise injuries.

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How we work with doctors

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Our medical centre is supported by the expertise of leading consultants and multidisciplinary teams. Our teams are able to identify and diagnose complex conditions quickly and with accuracy.