Women's Urology

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Patient-led care for women

We’re here to help all patients, and our team includes consultants who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of urological and lower urinary tract conditions that often affect women.

These include, but are not limited to: 

Stress incontinence

Sometimes, when the bladder comes under pressure, for example when you laugh, cough or sneeze, urine can leak out.

Many patients feel embarrassed when it comes to discussing their symptoms, and this can lead to a delay in seeking treatment. In fact, urinary incontinence is a much more common problem than those who suffer with it often realise, and talking to a specialist is the first step to effectively manage and treat the condition.

Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Most women will, at some point, suffer from a UTI and will be familiar with the symptoms – a frequent and often urgent need to urinate, along with cloudy and sometimes blood-tinged urine.

For many women, recurrent UTIs can be incredibly debilitating, but we have the expertise to help. Talking to our team is the first step to effective treatment.

We offer treatments including non-antibiotic medications, intra-vesical therapies and UTI vaccines.