Second opinion

Reviewing your test results and diagnosis

The Prostate Centre

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Patient-centred care

Our experts are very happy to offer second opinions on all aspects of urology.

It’s quite natural for patients to want a second opinion, and we’re always happy to refer our patients elsewhere. In fact, we encourage it, because we believe you should explore all the avenues open to you before deciding on your preferred treatment.

We often see patients who have been diagnosed or treated elsewhere, who are looking for further advice, or just confirmation that they’re on the right path. Most insurance companies are happy to cover the cost of such a reassessment.

What to expect from a second opinion

If you come to us for a second opinion, we’ll typically start with detailed medical history and a physical examination. If required, we’ll also include a cardiovascular risk assessment, which may not have been done elsewhere.

For prostate cancer, we’ll arrange for a review of the original biopsy rather than taking a new one. This will be carried out by our highly experienced consultant pathologists at HCA UK Laboratories.

It’s best if you can bring your own pathology slides with you, but if you can’t, we’ll request them direct from your hospital. We may also request a review of MRI, CT and/or bone/PET scans, to eb carried out by one of our specialist uro-radiologists.

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Treatment options

Next, we’ll find the most appropriate specialist within our team, and discuss your treatment options with you. Any relatives and loved ones you’d like to be present will, of course, be more than welcome. These options may include active surveillance, robotic surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy or chemotherapy.

You’ll also have the opportunity to talk through any of the clinical issues with our experienced nurse specialist.