Mental health

We’ve come a long way in improving how we support and improve mental health in the workplace. This includes supporting your workforce and to increase their resilience to the challenges facing all of us.

What we offer

HCA Healthcare UK has an established Psychology team of over 30 clinicians supported by four Leads, and a network of Psychiatrists and Medical Professionals to deliver and develop mental health services. We work with organisations to embed Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) that go beyond delivering therapy, but also offer collaborative Occupational Health and Medical Services, with in-house GPs, Occupational Health Clinicians, Nurses, and Psychiatrists.

Mental Health strategy to fit your company needs

Our clinicians also help organisations to develop strategy, train leaders and embed sustainable changes. Every organisation is unique, and we work with our clients to consider those needs in the services we develop.

We can also share what works and blend together different clinical services. This draws on our 30 years of experience working within the corporate environment to find flexible solutions that work for you.

Mental health consulting

Expertise and guidance to help and inform you in strategy, training, and the latest innovations in mental health.

Featured blogs

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