Employee wellbeing service

Your bespoke corporate wellbeing package can be fully integrated with our comprehensive range of primary care services

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An employee wellbeing strategy can benefit your organisation in a number of ways. It can help improve productivity and performance, engage and retain highly skilled employees, as well as help your employees improve their health and wellbeing or even reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases.

According to the Health and Wellbeing 2020 CIPD study, employers have declared that their health and wellbeing programme has led to better employee morale and engagement (56%) and lower sickness absence (32%).

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Building a programme that’s right for you

Our corporate wellbeing experts can help you to create a wellbeing programme that fits the needs of your organisation and employees.

HCA UK’s wellbeing programmes are designed to target common workplace issues such as:

  • Absenteeism and presenteeism 
  • Workplace atmosphere and positivity 
  • Mental health 
  • Common nutritional issues 
  • Sleep patterns 
  • Lifestyle health awareness

How we can support you

We work with some of the most recognised doctors, psychologists, dietitians and wellbeing specialists in the country, and we will work with you to build a calendar of events addressing key health concerns.

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Seminars and webinars

Your employees will join our leading specialists for a presentation and Q&A session, or a series of sessions on a specific topic.

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Workshops and panel events

Our wellbeing workshops are entirely designed to suit you and your employees’ needs. We can deliver them to a small handful of people or a larger team of managers and employees.