Physician Support Services

Specialists in providing tailored support service packages to physicians, including transcription services, medical billing and collections, medical indemnity insurance and embassy billing

About Physician Support Services

HCA Healthcare UK is passionate about healthcare. We offer a range of services, delivered by highly rated and trusted partners. Founded by physicians who believed that by partnering with physicians and giving them what they need, they could deliver what matters most to you: support to provide the best patient care, resulting in quality outcomes making the world a healthier place.

As one of the largest providers of privately-funded healthcare in the UK, HCA Healthcare UK is pleased to offer packages to help overcome everyday challenges faced by private medical practices. 

Our services are based on strong links with trusted partners. We also work in partnership with physicians to consistently monitor and improve our services.

Our expertise

Private practice solutions and software, brought to you by HCA UK, give you confidence your practice is being managed effectively through specialist, UK-based, outsourcing. With competitive rates, a single point of contact, and an unrivalled understanding of private medical practice, we are the ideal partner to provide your support. Through Physician Support Services, you can expect an improved day-to-day experience via:

  • The streamlining of everyday tasks
  • Improved time management
  • Increased cash flow through more efficient billing and collections
  • Accurate records

Transcription services

  • Dict8 is a UK-based transcription provider. Its transcribers have worked as full-time medical secretaries in either NHS Trusts or Primary Care Trusts. All work carried out by this team is specialty matched. For example, only neurology transcribers carry out neurology work.
    On average, Dict8 transcribers have over a decade of full-time experience within a trust as medical typists. This is why we believe the quality of typing provided by our transcription services is incomparable.

    Benefits included:
    Higher quality work due to experience and medical background
  • Fewer mistakes and less checking required 
  • Accuracy and therefore a reduction in clinical risk
  • Reduced costs through fewer corrections needed
  • Increased data security because all data is kept in the UK

Medical billing and collections

  • Our medical billing and collections service is suitable for all physicians. This includes those just starting out in a private practice, established independent physicians operating in any specialty, or group practices with multiple providers and clinics.

    MBC uses state-of-the-art software and their approach is consultative rather than simply working as a supplier. Their experience in the medical industry allows them to fully understand your challenges and the changes taking place in the market today, putting them in an ideal position to offer you excellent advice and support.

    Benefits included:
    Maximised billing revenue
  • Immediate invoicing
  • Reconciled payments
  • A personal account manager
  • A tailored service
  • Strengthened practice and patient relationships
  • Reporting through a partner relationship management module (PRM)

Medical indemnity insurance

  • In partnership with Tysers we provide affordable medical indemnity insurance for physicians and surgeons in the UK. Healthcare insurance is complex, yet their experience and knowledge ensures you get the right product for you or your practice. Their strong connections with healthcare insurance providers allow them to provide the best solution for any size or type of client.

    They carry out a rigorous risk assessment that satisfies Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requirements, proving that a reasonable and rational assessment has taken place. 

    Package covers:
    Healthcare professionals
  • Hospitals healthcare networks
  • Clinics
  • Physicians
  • Allied healthcare professionals

Embassy billing

  • It can take months to recoup medical funds from embassies. This is why we have partnered with Healthcare Invoice Finance (HIF) to assist medical practices in receiving their funds, faster. Healthcare Invoice Finance provides doctors with 95 per cent of the value of their invoices upfront and subsequently manages collection of the invoices from embassies. This is an ideal solution that overcomes slow payment by embassies in a friendly and professional manner.

    Benefits included:
    Cash released from invoices to your practice upfront
  • Ongoing managed invoice collection through to the final payment
  • A straightforward and time-saving approach to embassy medical billing