Practising Privileges

How to apply to practise with us

We're proud world-leading consultants choose to practise across our network of hospitals and outpatient centres. We know our consultants are key to our success.

In recognition of this we aim to ensure they have the support they need, so they can focus on delivering the highest level of patient care. Our facility-based consultant liaison managers, together with our central provider compliance team, are key to this support.

To apply for practising privileges at one of our hospitals, you should contact the hospital's consultant liaison office directly with your CV and an outline of your proposed scope of practice.

Based on your area of speciality, our consultant liaison managers will be able to guide you further and help facilitate your application. Applications will be reviewed by the office of the chief executive officer (CEO). You will be invited to meet them to discuss your application. If supported by the CEO, the medical advisory committee will consider all applications for practising privileges.

If your application is successful, our centralised provider compliance team will assist in the maintenance of your regulatory documentation throughout your time with us.

A number of our consultants choose to practise across more than one facility in our network of hospitals. Once practising privileges have been granted at one hospital, the application for other facilities can be streamlined. This is done by providing only facility-specific documentation along with any regulatory documentation required to be renewed.

Please click on the facility below to contact the hospital directly to apply:

The Harley Street Clinic

Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC)


The Lister Hospital

London Bridge Hospital

The Portland Hospital

The Princess Grace Hospital

The Wellington Hospital

The Christie Private Care

The Wilmslow Hospital

The Harborne Hospital


If you're an existing HCA Healthcare UK consultant and you need to update your documents, please email the provider compliance team at or call 020 7563 4282.

How we work with doctors

It's important that our consultants are able to focus on patient care and clinical quality. That's why we offer them all the support they need.