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Yvette's story: From back pain to hip replacement surgery

Yvette (54) a journalist from Kent, started experiencing pain in her hip seven years ago in 2015. An ex-national gymnast who had been incredibly active and flexible her whole life, Yvette felt concerned about the growing discomfort impacting her quality of life, and so sought help from her GP.

Michael's MAKO hip surgery to treat his arthritis

73 year-old Michael, an avid walker and charity worker, was diagnosed with arthritis in January 2021. After facing long waiting times and increasing pain that was becoming more frequent, he started to look elsewhere for treatment.

Andrew's story - Knee replacement using the Mako robot

Every golfer knows that your left knee is critical for making the perfect swing.

So, what happens when that knee is injured?

Rhiannon’s courage: Recovering after scoliosis surgery

Rhiannon was an active 14-year-old girl. When she occasionally complained to her parents about aches and pains in her back, there was no reason to think it was anything more sinister than sore muscles from one of her dance classes, or something she’d pulled while horse riding.

Sarah-Jane’s return from knee injury

It was only when Sarah-Jane suffered her dancefloor injury that she contacted Mr Simon Thompson, orthopaedic surgeon at The Lister Hospital. “As soon as he examined my knee, he could tell something wasn’t right.”

Getting back to normal after spinal surgery: Ruth’s story

When consultant spinal surgeon Mr Robert Lee first glanced at the MRI scan of retired music teacher Ruth’s lumbar spine, he did a double take.

How hip replacement changes after a decade: Eric’s story

Eric went from playing tennis frequently - and playing well - to barely being able to put his socks and shoes on in the morning.

Richard's impressive recovery

Richard shares his experience following his robotic prostate surgery