6 great ideas to keep children entertained during the lockdown


 Hey - we've got some great ideas for you to try at home if keeping children entertained has you running out of puff!

The UK lockdown, and everywhere else around the world, has been tough on everyone - especially children. With many schools closed and only being able to take care of the children of key workers, millions of youngsters are stuck at home.

And whether they're still in nappies, learning to walk, doing homework or just missing playing with their friends - we've got some ideas to help maintain their interest and keep them occupied, have a look and see what you think.

1. Create a routine

A major impact the lockdown has brought is parents/guardians having to work from home, while still looking after children of all ages. An idea to try is drawing a schedule on a big piece of paper/or a chalkboard - and putting it where everyone can see.

It shouldn't be complicated but should make clear when "mum and dad", or whoever it might be, needs time to work/take phone calls etc.
Maybe something like "10am-12pm: mummy needs her computer" or "3pm-4pm: dad talking to work". 


But then also set the same periods aside for the children. So: "7am-9am: play time and breakfast" or "1pm-2pm: quiet time with a favourite TV show"


This way of communicating with the younger members of the family displays a willingness to share what is going on - and although very young ones may struggle to fully understand - hopefully help create a routine for the household.

2. Don't be afraid to make a mess!!

It may seem like a terrible idea, but letting the children get messy is a wonderful outlet for them to display. Some households will be forunate to have a garden but even those that don't, this can still be achieved indoors - it just needs a bit of planning.


Make sure you put down some material to protect the floor and, possibly walls if that is also necessary. If outside, the decision what to protect is your choice. And don't forget to dress them and you in clothes you don't mind getting ruined and put straight in the wash!!


Then either put out some child-friendly clay, sand, small pots of water or paint. And let them create whatever mess they like. It'll be a wonderful departure from the feeling of being cooped up and it's something any child can enjoy and excel at as anything they do, is brilliant!


Just remember to give yourself enough time to clean everything away too - and maybe have the bathroom ready for a bath or shower afterwards!

3. Stay in the loop

While the lockdown has decreased our physical communications, one thing which has increased has been our reliance on video calls to friends and family. From Google Duo and Zoom (available for all devices) to Facetime (iOS only), a loved one is now only a click away and there's so much to do aside from chatting!

Have a sing song! - grab your favourite songs and sing them together, whether you're a fan of Disney or Dua Lipa it's great fun for everyone, especially as you can also have the lyrics on your screen at the same time ;)

Play a game - whether it's charades, Battleships or Monopoly the only limit is what you have in your home! And the great thing is, if it's a board game only one person needs to have the game. 

Organise a quiz - this is brilliant for all the family. Create the questions (not too hard!) and then see who comes out on top. Make it a weekly event to make sure everyone has a chance to take part.


But in these times when we're missing friends and family, do take the time to speak to people who might not otherwise have anyone to talk to. It can have a wonderfully positive effect and doesn't have to take you away from your day. Make a difference in someone's life, today.

4. Celebrate their passions and have fun together!

Ok, be honest with yourself - up until two years ago, you thought 'Fornite' was another term for two weeks? Don't worry, you weren't the only one!

Now, it's where lots of children spend their free time - getting online, playing with friends, grabbing loot boxes galore. But whether it's Fortnite, Apex Legends, FIFA or Mario Kart, don't let your children sulk away in their bedrooms playing video games for hours on end. Make it fun, for everyone!


Why not ring around your children's friends, or create a WhatsApp group and see who's interested in playing online together? You can see how your child plays online with other people and.....why not suggest the parents/guardians have a go!! The children can see just how terrible you are! 

5. Treat daily exercise as an adventure

Our daily exercise routines are now very different - some people are exercising more, some less and some not at all. But, it is good to get out with the family - if you're able.

Take advantage of a walk around your neighbourhood or even just up the street. Take different routes, see what different birds and cars you can spot, arrange to walk past a friend's house and say hello to them through the window!

There are lots of ways to make the simplest walk, or run, fun for the family and remember the fresh air and sunlight will do wonders for you own well being and attitude.

6. Clap for carers, at whatever time you like

The weekly Clap for Carers has become a national outpouring of support for the NHS, care workers and other key workers.

Every Thursday at 8pm, we gather on our doorsteps and clap, bang, drum, whistle, shout and cheer to say thank you to those are are putting their lives at risk to help the country at this extraordinary time.

But, if you have younger ones in the house who need to get to bed earlier than 8pm - don't let that stop you from joining in! Start your own clap earlier in the evening so everyone in the family can feel involved.

Show them videos of the 8pm clap from the news and encourage them to do the same. It doesn't take a lot to convince a small child that banging on pots and pans is a good idea!


Most importantly, stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.