Gamma Knife technology

A non-invasive radiation treatment for brain conditions


What is Gamma Knife treatment?

The Leksell Gamma Knife is a ground-breaking piece of equipment used to treat brain tumours and certain brain conditions. It directs radiation beams to a specific point in the brain without the need to cut into the skin. Because it's non-invasive and so exact it can treat tumours previously considered inoperable due to the high risk of complications, such as those near in or near the brain stem and other deep-seated lesions.

Unlike conventional radiation therapy, its precision means healthy brain tissue shouldn't be affected by the radiation. It's accurate to within 0.5mm and one treatment is usually enough. This can reduce the overall dose of unwanted radiation by up to 100 times compared to other treatments. As side effects are minimal, people who've had Gamma Knife treatment can often go home the same day.

How does Gamma Knife treatment work?

In this video, Mr Ian Sabin, Consultant Neurosurgeon, explains how Gamma Knife works and what conditions it can be used to help treat at The London Gamma Knife Centre.

 The Gamma Knife has a proven track record over 30 years and has become the gold standard for the treatment of many benign tumours which would previously have required surgery and also for multiple brain metastases previously considered untreatable.