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The Wellington's da Vinci Si machine makes headlines

16 June 2011

The da Vinci £1.5 million super-robot, which now has more surgical arms, greater dexterity than the original model plus a new HD dual camera, is based in The Wellington Hospital's North Tower surgical complex and is being used for major operations ranging from prostrate surgery, the repair of heart valves, coronary artery bypass operations and complex liver and kidney surgery.

Cardiac surgeon Mr Roberto Casula is one of the UK's leading cardiac surgeons and experts in the use of robotic cardiac surgery and has performed over 150 life saving operations with da Vinci machines.  

"This machine is a milestone for robotic surgery and it has enormous benefits for the patient.  We are only operating on soft tissue rather that parting the sternum and opening up the chest with traditional surgical procedures. The means people recover much, much faster," he said.

"Operating on the heart - for example, repairing a mitral valve - is far better because
the camera on the robot can reach the site without distorting the heart and the new instruments can move in a way that my hands cannot. This is the new gold standard.  With the acquisition of this machine we have the best technology in the best hospital in the private sector," said Mr Casula.

Indeed Mr Casula and the Wellington da Vinci Si machine - the first to be installed in a private hospital in the UK,, were featured just recently on BBC TV News

You can see the report on the BBC Website at

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