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The CyberKnife® Centre London begins clinical trial of new cancer treatment

19 June 2012

The CyberKnife Centre London, home of the UK's first robotic CyberKnife® radiotherapy machine, is now recruiting patients as part of a major new clinical trials programme.

The Centre, a division of The Harley Street Clinic, is recruiting patients with metastatic colorectal cancer that has spread to the liver. Patients who are no longer responding to chemotherapy will take part in a clinical trial involving treatment by CyberKnife and a new anti-cancer vaccine, Immodulon or IMM-101.

The Centre has teamed up with Sarah Cannon Research Institute UK , (SCRI UK), a dedicated Oncology clinical trials unit which is also based in Harley Street. SCRI UK will be administering the new vaccine, recording its effectiveness and sending the data to Immodulon Therapeutics (who manufacture the vaccine), and who will publish the results.

Selected patients who have two or more metastatic tumours in the liver will be given the vaccine, IMM-101. After 14 days, one of the liver tumours in the liver will be ablated by hundreds of pencil thin beams of radiotherapy delivered from many angles by CyberKnife. The same day the patient will have a second infusion of the vaccine.

The CyberKnife treatment will break down the cancer cell walls in one tumour releasing antigens that will trigger and stimulate - with the help of the vaccine - the body's immune system to attack all the cancer cells in the body.

Patients will be monitored utilising scans and blood tests to see how effective the treatment of the both targeted liver tumour and others in the liver and elsewhere, has been.

The lead investigator for the trial is one of the UK's most experienced oncologists in the use of CyberKnife, Dr Andy Gaya. "CyberKnife is increasingly becoming recognised as an invaluable tool for treating liver tumours, especially from colorectal cancer. We are excited about the potential for enabling a cancer vaccine to work more effectively when combined with Cyberknife."

Neil Buckley, Chief Executive of The Harley Street Clinic where the CyberKnife is based, said he hoped this trial would be the first of a series; "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Dr Gaya and our sister clinical trials organisation SCRI UK to examine new and effective treatments for cancer," he said.

The Immodulon clinical trial will run for 12 months in conjunction with other units in the UK and overseas.

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