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The UK's first comprehensive private Molecular Imaging Centre opens in Harley Street

07 April 2010

The HCA CancerCare network now has the most comprehensive technology platform in Europe

The Harley Street Clinic, the hub of the largest cancer care network outside the NHS, has opened the new centre at 154 Harley Street to provide specialist diagnostics and imaging for cancer, cardiac and other areas of medicine.  The Harley Street Clinic is part of the HCA International group of six leading independent hospitals in London.

Molecular Imaging (or Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT) is the medical specialisation that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials for diagnosis and therapy. Uniquely it provides doctors with information about both the function and structure of virtually every part of the body.

Much of the information that the technology obtains cannot be obtained by other diagnostic methods and by enabling doctors to see anatomy as well as physiology, it enables more accurate evaluation of a particular disease.

The new centre is equipped with two state of the art Phillips BrightView nuclear medicine gamma cameras - one with SPECT/CT capability, which provides true 3D imaging and improves diagnostic sensitivity.  The SPECT/CT machine is the first of its kind to be installed in the UK.  SPECT/CT enables the investigation - both physiological and anatomical - in greater detail than was possible previously, of all areas of the body.  The technology is frequently used for investigating the functions of organs including the heart, the kidneys, liver, lungs, the skeleton and thyroid.

The unit also has a GE Discovery 64 slice PET/CT which is used for cancer diagnosis, mapping tumours before and after treatment, as well as examining abnormalities in the brain.

Neil Buckley, Chief Executive of The Harley Street Clinic, said the opening of the Molecular Imaging Centre marked the completion of the latest phase in the development of the HCA CancerCare network.  "Our cancer technology platform is now the most comprehensive, not only in the UK but also throughout Europe and we are the only independent group in the UK that can treat all tumour types and all ages of patient," he said.

"Reflecting accepted best practice in the UK, our network is expanding with the recent opening of the new private patient's cancer centre, Harley Street at Queen's in Romford and our new diagnostic and outpatient centre at 280 Kings Road in Chelsea.  In addition The Platinum Medical Centre in St John's Wood and a new centre in South West London are also under construction and our patients will then have 15 locations in and around London where they can undergo diagnosis or receive treatment," said Mr Buckley.

"We have been the first private hospital group to install a number of state of the art technologies including the revolutionary CyberKnife® and RapidArc radiotherapy machines.  And because we have close links with our US based clinical trials programme, the largest phase one trials programme in the world - together with our own clinical trials unit here in London, we can provide the latest treatments for our patients," he said.

"We are also expanding our partnership with University College Hospital and we'll be opening a new young person's unit at UCH in the summer," Said Mr Buckley.  "Everything we are doing reflects international best practice and UK cancer policy - developing centres of excellence with connected diagnostic and outpatient units where patients can see distinguished consultants and receive treatment very much closer to where they, the patients, live and work," he said.


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