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Jonny's Story

Jonny Bellis is a professional cyclist with team Saxo Bank. He is a graduate of the British Cycling academy programme and Great Britain's first medal-winner at the U23's World Road Championship. In 2008 he was selected to represent Britain at the Olympic Games in Beijing as part of the British Road Race team, who were looking to build up their team for success in 2012. Originally based in the Isle of Man, Jonny moved to Quarratta in Italy to concentrate on his career at the British Cycling Academy. In September 2009 whilst riding his scooter home from a evening meal, an accident occurred and Jonny's scooter hit a wall, leaving him with serious body and head injuries.

Following his accident Jonny sustained a traumatic brain injury and facial fractures. He required surgery to correct the facial fractures and manage the swelling in his brain, and surgeons reconstructed his skull with titanium plates. He was initially managed in hospital in Florence where he was intubated and ventilated and eventually required a tracheostomy to help maintain his airway and facilitate ventilation. Jonny was making good gains and had been stabilized when the Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tube, which was feeding him, became dislodged. He developed a serious infection (peritonitis) and he required emergency surgery to treat this, which set his recovery back.

In November 2009 Jonny was transferred back to the UK to continue his treatment as he recovered from the accident. As part of his recovery, Jonny undertook a specially tailored three-month rehabilitation programme at The Wellington Hospital. On admission to The Wellington he was severely malnourished and weak, he had a mild left hemiplegia, he was unable to move on his own, his mood was temperamental at times and he was unable to eat or drink. In March, just before Jonny was discharged, he gave us permission to interview him about his treatment and the care given to him after his accident. Since completing his rehabilitation Jonny has returned to the Isle of Man to concentrate on making a return to the cycling circuit.

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