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  • Case Studies

    Our patients’ stories, in their own words

  • Case Studies

    Our patients’ stories, in their own words

Stacey's story

Taking control of a brain tumour case to deliver a full recovery

Stacey was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 11 years old.

Stacey had been suffering from bad headaches for a number of weeks when her parents decided to take her to see the doctor. The family’s GP examined Stacey and could find no obvious issues. However, he recommended that Stacey should receive further diagnostics from a specialist.

To avoid having to wait, Stacey’s parents decided to have the diagnostics conducted privately. They called HCA’s Chelsea Outpatient Centre on the King’s Road, which was easily accessible for the family, and were immediately given a convenient appointment. Stacey’s parents knew that the non-clinical feel of the centre and avoiding a “hospital" visit would help to reduce Stacey’s anxiety.

Once at the centre, Stacey met with a specialist for a consultation and examination. She had a number of investigations, including a CT scan on the centre’s cutting edge CT-MRI scanner. It was then that Stacey and her family were met with some terrible news: the CT scan had revealed that Stacey had a brain tumour. Stacey’s parents were shocked; they had expected that nothing would be found and that they would be sent home with some pain killers. The specialist advised that time was of the essence and that Stacey should immediately see a neurosurgeon. The family benefitted from private healthcare insurance coverage and so they didn’t hesitate to transfer Stacey to The Harley Street Clinic.

Stacey visited The Harley Street Clinic the same day. Upon arrival she had an MRI of her brain and spine to further assess the brain tumour, and met one of the neurosurgeons. With not much time available, Stacey’s parents were relieved to find that her surgeon was a leading specialist from one of London’s major NHS teaching hospitals.

Following her MRI and consultation, Stacey’s case was reviewed by The Harley Street Clinic’s specialist paediatric multi-disciplinary team (MDT). This team includes personnel representing all specialties and treatment options (surgical, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.) drawn from across HCA’s network, and reviews the evidence of each case in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment. The MDT concluded that Stacey should have immediate surgery to remove the brain tumour, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy to wipe out any remaining tumour cells.

The family felt that they were in safe hands and elected to go ahead with the plan laid out by their neurosurgeon following the MDT’s meeting. Stacey had surgery to remove the tumour the following day. After surgery she headed into The Harley Street Clinic’s specialised paediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Whilst in ICU, Stacey benefited from the care of a team familiar with both the specific needs of neurosurgery patients and those of children. From the ICU, Stacey moved to the paediatric ward to complete her recovery. Here she was surrounded by personnel skilled in the care of children, with surroundings designed specifically for patients like her.

Fantastic news followed: Stacey’s post-operative scan confirmed that the tumour had been successfully removed. Stacey was transferred to the care of her sub-specialised paediatric neuro-oncologist to complete her treatment, with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Following this traumatic experience, Stacey made a full recovery and was able to rapidly return to school. This was in no small part due to the high quality of treatment she received in HCA’s network. Stacey was able to receive all her treatment in accordance with internationally recognised best practices and protocols, under one roof and within just a few days of her diagnosis. This is a feat which would be difficult to achieve at many other providers.

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