In pursuit of happiness...

Are you happy?

It’s a difficult question, and one which we can easily forget to address often enough.

How could you be happier?

This question may be the most difficult one of all. Everyone may need to find out their own path to happiness, but we’ll try to give some pointers which might get you started on your journey!

Often people struggle most with happiness when they lack a sense of purpose. We all know how difficult it can be when we feel that we’ve lost control over how we live our life. Making internal decisions about how you want to live your life, and accepting elements which we can’t control can be very helpful in improving your happiness. It’s important to remember that none of us can fully control our life and we will all be impacted by external influences. Acceptance of this can reduce resentment and unhappiness.

There are a few reasons which might make us stick in a cycle of activity which makes us unhappy. These include financial stability and straightforward fear of change. Sometimes of course you won’t have a choice, but it is always worth taking a step back and thinking about what you can do. If you are afraid of change, it can be helpful to re-frame the situation. Think about whether you are more afraid of making a change, or the consequence of not making a change.

Whilst it’s important to focus on your inner happiness, it’s equally important to then go out and put this into practice. Getting out there and having positive interactions with people brings a sense of lasting fulfilment which is difficult to replicate anywhere else. So get out there, and make a conscious effort to engage positively with people. You’ll bring more joy to yourself and to the people you meet.

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Abraham Lincoln