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Your Safety

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. It is this dedication to your safety that ensures our successes across a wide range of medical specialties.

Complex care

Should you require complex care, our consultants have access to more critical care beds than any other private hospital group.

We’ve invested over £100 million into our critical care beds. Across our hospitals, around one in five beds is either critical care or high dependency. And all hospitals have the highest level (level 3) critical care beds.

We can give you the urgent care you need fast. Smaller private hospitals do not have access to this many critical care beds, and some have none of these beds at all, resulting in patients having to endure what can be costly waits when being transferred between hospitals. With us it is very rare for a patient to be transferred anywhere. You are in the safest place possible from the very start.1

Outstanding results

You can have peace of mind that our track record of treatment success rates and safety standards is outstanding. This is reflected in our position as the provider of choice for complex procedures in London.2

You can be further reassured by the recognition we receive within the healthcare profession. Our quality achievements are viewed as amongst the best in the industry. And, with prestigious accolades such as Best Healthcare Outcomes and Best Nursing Practice, we set gold standards for both the private and public sector to follow.3

Secure patient data

With the integration of our new IT infrastructure, the speed and accuracy of patient data will facilitate unmatched levels of medical care and safety:

  • Consultants and clinicians can instantly review patient diagnostic images and records online from any location
  • Nurses use portable PDA devices to enter patient data direct from the bedside
  • A new patient barcode system has established a fail-safe system for ensuring that patients receive the correct medication

Exceptional infection prevention

You will be reassured to learn that:

Our success is due to continually equipping our staff with the latest hygiene training and our hospitals with the newest infection prevention features.

Our Quality Report

Every year we publish a Quality Report. The report measures areas such as:

  • cleanliness
  • infection rates
  • cardiac surgery survival
  • cancer treatment waiting times

You can see the details in the full report.

These measures mean we know exactly where to make investments and improvements that will have a tangible effect on the quality of the care you receive.


1Your safety will be protected because we have more critical care beds than any other private hospital group: HCA hospitals achieved 100% compliance with all Care Quality Commission inspected outcomes of care in 2011.

2Drug Eluting Stents, Evaluating usage and restenosis rates. Poster presentation at NICE Annual Conference, 2005.
[Drug eluting stents reduce the need for coronary revascularization. HCA demonstrated that in our HCA population we halved the restenosis rate.]

3Hardy A, Sansom F, Marshall C, Katsumbe L. International Society for Quality in Healthcare 23rd International Conference, London, October 2006. [Independent hospital collaboration with NHS coronary rehabilitation programmes for patient transition from coronary intervention to rehabilitation.]


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