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You will soon discover that there are distinct advantages to undergoing treatment with London’s leading and largest private healthcare provider.

Private Hospital Group of the Year

We were voted the Private Hospital Group of the Year in 2012 for our investment in medical innovations, high patient outcomes and cutting-edge clinical services.

Our award-winning hospitals and specialist clinics, in 20 different locations across London and Manchester, practice all areas of medicine from the routine though to the most challenging, including treating life-threatening illnesses.

Centres of Excellence

Each London hospital is a Centre of Excellence where you will receive the highest standard of care from a dedicated medical team.

The hospitals are renowned for excelling in specific areas:

  • Cardiac surgery
  • Paediatrics, pregnancy and childbirth
  • Neurology
  • Stroke and brain injury rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedics
  • Cancer

Over 400,000 patients a year

We treat over 400,000 people every year and are proud that 98.5% of patients would recommend us to their friends and relatives.

The volume of patients we treat, compared to smaller hospitals, contributes to our extensive bank of experience. Hospitals with higher volumes of patients mean that there is less variation in service provision and services are set up for greater efficiency.

Partnerships with leading NHS trusts

In addition to our own hospitals and units, we also team up with leading NHS trusts across the country. HCA NHS Ventures provides high-quality private treatment using leading technology and is supported by the infrastructure of large NHS hospitals. Such units are particularly suitable if you live far from our main sites or require a specific specialist treatment.

The benefits of our experience

You can be confident that we have the expertise and facilities to look after you at every stage of your care, from screening to diagnostics, to the latest treatments and even rehabilitation.

We are the only private hospital group in the UK that can provide such an extensive range of treatments for patients of every age. Key quality indicators are far higher than the national average. And our unplanned return to theatres rates are far lower than would be expected for a hospital group of our size. Similarly, our exceptional infection prevention results are better than those of comparable healthcare providers.


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