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Da Vinci Surgical System

New medical technology available to patients of HCA hospitals in London.

When would patients need to be treated with the da Vinci Surgical System?

For minimally invasive general surgery procedures. It's beneficial for use in tricky and delicate areas where there are a lot of nerves and vessels to be avoided, such as the prostate.


All general surgery. It can be used to treat conditions as diverse as obesity and heart disease. It is most commonly used to remove parts of the prostate to treat prostate cancer.


A computer-enhanced, minimally invasive surgical system consisting of three components: vision system, surgical cart and surgeon console. It enables the surgeon to perform minimally invasive work with minimal movement whilst having a close-up and clearer 3D view of the nerves, blood vessels and muscles.

How does it work?

The surgeon is seated at a control console across the room from the patient, viewing magnified 3D images from a tiny video camera and manipulating the robot with joystick-like hand and foot controls. The surgery tools mimic the surgeon's hand and wrist movements at the console, enabling the surgeon to make minute and precise movements for complex surgery in tiny entry incisions as small as 1-2cm.


Robotic surgery can be performed safely with excellent results. (1)

Average duration of treatment

Two to three hours, dependent on surgery type

Supporting evidence

There are many clinical studies which support the effectiveness of the da Vinci Surgical System

What it's replacing/is it additional?

It's an alternative tool to both traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy (minimally invasive surgery)


Less damage to the surrounding tissue, nerves and vessels of the area being operated on, resulting in less pain, discomfort, blood loss and scarring, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to normal activities.

FDA status

The da Vinci Surgical System is FDA-approved for both laparoscopic and general surgery procedures.

NICE status

The da Vinci Surgical System has been approved by NICE for use as an alternative to laparoscopic surgery.

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1) Robotic Surgical Training in an American Institution. W. Randolph Chitwood, et al., Ann Surg. 2001 October;234(4):475-486.

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