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NHS Ventures

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HCA NHS Ventures is an innovative branch of HCA International, working in partnership with NHS Trusts across the country. HCA NHS Ventures provides continually high-quality treatment, within state-of-the-art facilities, supported by the latest technology and the infrastructure of large NHS hospitals. Although these joint ventures are with NHS Trusts, patients are treated in an exclusively private setting.

The first venture was a joint partnership with University College London Hospital (UCH), which saw the establishment of Harley Street at University College Hospital in 2006. Harley Street at University College Hospital is a complex cancer centre on the 15th floor with stunning panoramic views across London. The centre specialises in complex sarcoma, head and neck and haematological cancers and is one of only a few centres in the UK to have JACIE accreditation for its bone marrow transplant service.

Following the success of Harley Street at UCH came the launch of Harley Street at Queen's in February 2010, a dedicated private patient's centre providing world-class treatment locally to the Essex community. The centre is based at Queen's Hospital in Romford and specialises in cancer care, complex neurosurgery and general surgery services. Harley Street at Queen's means patients can be treated within a local setting but receive the level and quality of care often only associated with central London.

The latest HCA NHS Venture is a joint partnership with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, which saw the launch of The Christie Clinic in September 2010. The Christie is an impressive and well-respected NHS Trust which is a European cancer centre providing advanced cancer care and housing the world's largest early clinical trials unit. The Christie Clinic builds on these services and provides state-of-the-art private patient facilities in the £35 million Oak Road patient treatment centre. There are continuing redevelopment works to extend both inpatient and outpatient facilities at The Christie Clinic.

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