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How we partner with the NHS

How we work with the NHS

Providing exceptional patient-centred care is at the very heart of everything we do and, unlike other private providers, we are able to treat the most complex cases supported by level three intensive care in all of our facilities.

To deliver this level of care, we recognise what we do best and where we can work with others to improve and continually raise the bar on quality.

The NHS is one of our partners, and we work with them in a variety of ways. Here our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Chris Streather, explains how we work with the NHS to improve patient care and in turn provide resource for the NHS.

So what sets us apart from other providers?

“The way we work with the NHS provides an important distinction between HCA UK and other private providers. Unlike the rest of the sector who choose to take on high volumes of low complexity NHS patients, in some cases making up 50 per cent of their patient mix, HCA UK’s volumes of NHS patients are only 2-3 per cent.

“Instead, we focus on partnering with the NHS through our joint ventures.”

HCA Healthcare UK - Partnering with the NHS

“Through our joint ventures we partner with NHS Trusts across the country to provide care in Private Patient Units (PPUs) that benefit from the infrastructure of large NHS hospitals. These units are clinically and operationally separate from the NHS; from nurses right through to beds and equipment- all resources are bought and owned by us.

“These PPUs generate significant resource for the NHS to reinvest back into patient care at their Trusts.

“Over the last six years we have partnered with the NHS to provide PPUs at: The Christie Hospital in Manchester, University College Hospital London, Guys and St. Thomas’ in London and at Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

“PPUs allow us to specialise and focus care on specific health issues, such as cancer, an area in which we have extensive experience. For example, our joint venture at UCH, Harley Street at UCH, is one of the few centres in the UK to have JACIE accreditation for its bone marrow transplant service. JACIE accreditation demonstrates that a hospital is performing to agreed standards of excellence in a treatment area.”

Advancing patient care through shared technology

“Technology in healthcare is constantly evolving and we want to be able to provide our patients with access to the latest advances in treatment and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best care we can.

“In some cases the latest technology requires a large investment. To justify this and ensure that the equipment can benefit as many patients as it should, we share capacity with the NHS.  

“This means that rather than paying to buy and maintain this equipment, which would require a large upfront investment from the NHS; that may not always be possible, our partner can access this equipment at the NHS rate.

“This opens up the latest treatment options and technology to patients who may not otherwise have had access.”

Sharing learning and best practice

“At HCA UK we are committed to continuous improvement. The only way to really achieve this and deliver the best possible care to patients is through sharing learning and best practice.

“Just as we gain insights from both the NHS and the experiences of the consultants who work with us, we aim to share our own knowledge in return.

“In the past we have participated in academic studies with the NHS including research into breast cancer with King’s College Hospital London and on a global level, our parent company HCA Healthcare based in the USA undertakes significant research projects with leading academic institutions.

“Through our Sarah Cannon Research facility in the UK, we offer patients both private and NHS access to ground-breaking new clinical trials into new cancer drug therapies and share findings from this at national and international medical conferences.

“We also contribute to the continued professional development of GPs outside of HCA UK and host educational events where leading consultants and healthcare professionals can share the latest innovations in their area of expertise.

“By partnering with others whose expertise complements ours, we can jointly deliver world-class care to both private and NHS patients alike.”

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